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About Samana Yoga

Hi, My name is Kirsteen and I am the founder, facilitator and principle teacher at Samana Yoga in Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia.

I am a Registered Level 2 teacher & Volunteer with Yoga Australia and trained in the traditional Krishnamacharya Lineage of yoga. 

I have completed over 1000 hours of training & continue to study & immerse myself in all things yoga & wellbeing.

I am a black belt in the Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo & that was what sparked my interest in Yoga around 25 years ago.

I believe, and want to make sure, that Yoga is available for Every Body! 

My mission through yoga is to bring my students back home to themselves.

To reconnect with the truest version of themselves and to learn to love their body, mind and soul.

I find that many people have never truly connected to their true essence and through a regular practice they can really get to know their true self on a level previously unknown.

Through a connection to the breath, using pranayama techniques, and body awareness through our moving meditation that is yoga,

I can see a marked change in my students.

We have an amazing Shala in Queenscliff that we hope you grow to love as much as we do.


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