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Welcome to Samana Yoga

Breathing in "I have arrived" 

Breathing out "I am home"​

Thich Nhat Hanh. 

This is generally how people instantly feel when arriving at our beautiful Shala.


Through a pacifying and balancing practice I will guide you towards creating balance for the body, mind & breath.​

A practice to really bring you home. 


During your yoga practice my aim is to bring you back home to yourself. To reconnect, reground and re-establish the connection to your truest, deepest self.
Join me in this moving meditation that is Yoga and allow yourself to expand, create and hold space for you!
Through the connection and awareness of your breath (pranayama) we can begin to link our breath to our movements creating an internal harmony (samadhi) and an inner peace that we can generally only find when we are truly connected to ourselves.


Our Shala

We are blessed with two beautiful studios. Our Yoga Shala & our Reformer Studio right next door.


Our space is sacred & safe. 

We will welcome you with open arms.

Arrive with an open mind & heart  & allow us to help you rest, relax & restore.

We cater for "every body" & we cannot wait to meet you.


Blessings Kirsteen  xo 

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