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Complete your set by adding the sould star chakra.

This sits after the crown chakra is follows on in sound.

Its note is C5 & an 8" bowl.


Whats included;

99.99% pure quartz crystal bowl

Silver Carry bag


2 mallets.


Unveiling the Soul Star Chakra


Behold the Soul Star Chakra, a celestial realm that reigns beyond the Crown Chakra, serving as the ethereal abode of the soul.

Here lies the sacred union with your higher self, a gateway to karmic echoes of bygone eras and the intricate tapestries of past lives.

This radiant nexus is the repository of your soul's essence, housing the blueprint of your eternal journey.

It stands as the conduit through which divine essence cascades, harmonizing the 7 chakra realms and intertwining with the mortal vessel.


Nestled within the luminous embrace of your Auric Field, this chakra resides approximately 15-20cm above the crown of the head, a beacon of transcendence and spiritual connection.

Soul Star Chakra Bowl

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